Sebastian beach grill & bar

“Sebastian basks in the sun, a beachside escape into the culinary world of San Sebastian and the Basque country in northern Spain, but on Williamstown Beach, Melbourne”


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“Sebastian is of course named for the gustatory playground that is Spain's San Sebastian, the city that sparkles with Michelin stars and snack-filled bars where chasing pintxos (tapas of the Basque region) and snoozing on the sand constitutes your entire agenda.

That's an itinerary you can replicate here. And should.”

Good Food

“This Basque-inspired waterfront bistro grills seafood and pours sangria on a sprawling shaded deck right on the sand.”

Concrete Playground

“…As an experiential package it's a total trip. It's sea and sand and snacks and sips and the silkiest chocolate pot in town. Do you live here? Congratulations. Nowhere near? Take a short ride to be majorly transported.”

The Age 


“The eatery is housed within the landmark heritage hospitality building formerly known as Shelly’s Beach Pavilion and boasts the kind of seaside views you’d expect to find in the original San Sebastian, but without requiring the same airfare.”


“Sebastian Beach Bar and Grill is just stunning. This lovely iconic westie building has now got the make over she deserves. You really can’t beat this epic spot to watch the sun set and catch the bay breeze.”

Mamma Knows West

“The best thing Sebastian does is show you a good time. Personable young staff, brilliant water views, pretty architecture and a menu that has your best interests at heart all come together to prove the "sum of its parts" rule. For those in the east, now's a good time to go west.”

Gourmet Traveller



Bienvenido a Sebastian

There are many reasons to visit Sebastian and even more to return. Discover why we’re Williamstown’s most idyllic beach-side restaurant and bar, winter or summer.



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